800 Calorie hCG Diet

HCG 800 Calorie Diet Menu Plan

Breakfast Options:

  1. 1 Cup of cereal (110 calories per cup: Special K, Total, Cheerios or Chex,1 ½ cup puffed rice) and ¾ cup skim milk
  2. 1 egg with 2 slices toast (Sara Lee 45 calorie bread)
  3. 1 hard-boiled egg with low fat yogurt.

Alternatively you may have your fruit portion from lunch for breakfast and then use the two slices bread from option 2 to make a sandwich using 5oz of thinly sliced meat for lunch.

Lunch Options:

  1. 5 Ounces of protein (weigh before cooking or use the palm of your hand for size and thickness) from Group #1, 1 vegetable portion from Group #2 or a salad, and 1 fruit from Group #3

Dinner Options:

  1. 5 Ounces of protein from Group #1, a side salad (use Waldon Farms or Maple Grove Farms Balsamic Vinegar 0 calories), 1 vegetable portion from Group #2, AND 1 fruit portion from Group #3.

How to Arrange Your Meals:

As long as you don’t add any additional foods or combine multiple meals together (i.e. skipping lunch and having it in addition to breakfast or dinner) you may choose whatever foods within a given group to fill your needs or wants.  There is some exceptions to this, please check the group’s information section to see what exceptions may apply.

You can move types of food around such as in the breakfast example of swapping the bread with fruit from your lunch.

Seasonings and Condiments:

  • Spices may be used.
  • NO Fat, OIL or BUTTER may be used.
  • Any type of vinegar, lemon or lime may be used liberally.
    • Although it is preferred the juice not be more than would be found in a lemon or lime per day.
  • Tabasco, soy sauce, picante sauce, horseradish are allowed in moderation. Just make sure there is no sugar in the ingredients.


  • Group #1 - The protein group contains the following choices.
    • Note that the use of red meat, tuna, or 4 oz Salmon is limited to three times weekly.
    • All visible fat must be removed before cooking and the meat must be weighed raw.
    • Meats must be cooked without additional fat or oils.
      • You may use Pam or similar spray OR I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray only
    • Meats can be grilled on a George Foreman grill, baked or broiled. .
  • Group #2 - The vegetable choices.
    • You may use one cup fresh, frozen or canned vegetables.
    • ½ cup of corn, green peas, or carrots may be used once per week.
  • Gruop #3 - Your fruit choices.
    • Only fresh or frozen fruits may be used. NO CANNED FRUITS ALLOWED.

Here are the food groups in a table to make it easier to read:

Group #1 Group #2 Group #3
White Chicken Greens Apples (average)
Blue fish Cucumber Peaches (large-4 per week)
Sirloin Spinach Cantaloupe ½
White Fish Broccoli Strawberries (12 large)
Crab Lettuce Plum (large-1 per week)
Venison Yellow Beans Orange
Tilapia Celery Raspberries (3/4 cup)
Turbot Sauerkraut Nectarine
Ground Round Bell Peppers Blueberries (2/3 cup)
Clams (10) Green Beans Blackberries (2/3 cup)
Veal Chops Turnips Grapefruit ½
Haddock Cauliflower Pineapple (1/2 cup)
Orange Roughy Endive Pear
Tuna Tomato
Filet Mignon Mushrooms
Rabbit Cabbage
Oysters (10) Radishes (15)
White Pork Onion
Sea Bass Bean Sprouts
Lobster Summer Squash
White Turkey Eggplant
Flounder Asparagus
Monkfish Brussels Sprout
Ocean Perch  

12 thoughts on “800 Calorie hCG Diet

    • Unfortunately I haven’t found any other diet plans for HCG I heard of a few variations but those were specifically from a doctor who’d prescribed HCG and I wasn’t given enough detail to recreate the plan.

  1. I’m on the 800 calorie diet and I was just wondering if it was ok to eat broccoli, and all thiose other vegetables you put on there

    • Based on what I’ve read it varies. Some say 1-2 cups of black coffee is okay, this is because the caffeine can help with fat burning.

      As to diet pop/soda I’ve never seen a plan that says it’s okay despite being 0 calorie drinks. That applies to artificial sweeteners as well. Also something to consider in some people artificial sweeteners can cause weight gain, this is either because of how their body handles the sweetener or the person over indulging. Just a bit of caution to consider if you choose to go that route.

      As to water it depends on what you’re doing throughout the day but it should be at least 100 ounces a day.

  2. Hi !
    im doing the hcg diet for a week now
    on the 500 calories.
    just wanted to know if i can change the diet to 800 calories in remaining time.
    is it going to effect my weight loss?

    • There will be a period where the weight loss will seem to pause as your body is readjusting to the extra calories.

  3. Was just wondering about having salad, my salad consists of lettuce, tomatoes. Cucumber, onions etc, so is this right or does it mean something else?
    Thinking this 800 might be better for me than the 500, was finding it very hardto do & stick to.

  4. DINNER DUDE in Houston offers terrific compatable hcg meals. I’ve been on hcg for a week, and I couldn’t do it without them.

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