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Dr. Oz Changes His Mind on the HCG Diet

After years of research it seems Dr. Oz has changed his mind on the HCG Diet not working, on the 6th of February of this year (2013) he talked about HCG on his show: You can find the rest of the episodes
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Are Diet Cheat Days Bad?

The short answer is: it depends.  When done right the answer is not only is it good but it could be amazing for you.  Let’s take a look at what could make a cheat day good or bad for you
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An Open Look into the “hCG Diet”

First we feel it should be pointed out that if you’ve taken a look around the website you’ll have noticed that there is a hCG section, if you haven’t there’s a link in the right sidebar.  Okay moving on, we
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3 Steps to Help Set Realistic Goals

As you read on hopefully the steps in this post will help keep your goals realistic.  Now you may think the this post contradicts the post titled Set the Bar High! So High It Seems Impossible, however it doesn’t. This
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Dieting Tips

“Put Down Your Utensils” as seen on Dr. Oz

That’s right it’s just that simple putting down your knife, fork, and/or spoon to take time and chew your food (about 20 to 32 times) thoroughly before picking them up to take another bite can help you lose weight.  The idea
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Good Food

10 Super Foods For Women

Here are a list of what has been dubbed the 10 healthiest foods or super foods for women. As you go through the list you’ll notice that a few of them are also on the 12 Foods to Spruce Up
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Working Out

Exercises to Bust the Bra Fat

Here’s a video with some exercises to help get rid of the hard to get to fat around your bra area.

Dieting Technology

MyFitnessPal Calorie Calculator App

MyFitnessPal is an app you can get for your iPhone/iPad, Android Phones/Tablets, Blackberry, and Windows Phones/Tablets.  The app is a very well created calorie calculator, that helps track your goals be they weight loss, weight gain, or maintaining your current
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Healthy Living

What if We Eat Out with Our Body in Mind?

From time to time we all end up eating out, now what if when we did eat out we looked at our options with what they help our body with instead of what looks yummy?  Well that’s what we’re going
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Greek Yogurt Berry Cup (8oz.)

A quick recipe based on one of our user’s posts on the forum.  This makes a great breakfast meal, or snack on the go.  This recipe will be opting for frozen berries over fresh allowing you to make this year
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